The Singing Bowl

Voices of the Enemy

Press for The Singing Bowl: voices of the enemy

  • 2013
    • Poughkeepsie Journal

      What Inspires Me, column by Madeleine Segall-Marx. Barbara Farrell Gallo, editor. June 7
    • Food As the Great Unifier. Emily Stewart. June 5
  • 2010
    • Poughkeepsie Journal

      Artist Listens, Then Tells "Enemies" Stories. Barbara Kram. Nov. 21
  • 2008
    • Hyde Park Townsman

      The Singing Bowl, exhibition of project under development at the Hyde Park Free Library. Kathleen di Simone.
  • 2002
    • Kingston Daily Freeman

      A Hyde Park Sculptor May Mix Her Media, but Not Her Message. Blaise Schweitzer. Oct. 15
    • Poughkeepsie Journal

      Artist's Work a Creative Journey. Alexis Scarpinato. Nov. 5

Press for Madeleine Segall-Marx and her work

  • 2008
    • Hyde Park Townsman

      Renowned Hyde Park Artist Opens Studio. Matthew Renda. Oct. 2
  • 2006
    • Poughkeepsie Journal

      Beacon Shows Progress: Female Artists Put Works in Spotlight. Kathleen Werezynski Murray. March 3
    • Hyde Park Townsman

      Hyde Park Artist Recognized for Sculpture. Matthew Renda. Oct. 26
  • 2004
    • Poughkeepsie Journal

      Point of View. Nicole Edwards. April 16
  • 2002
    • Christian Science Monitor

      When Artists Hesitate, Madeleine Segall-Marx triptych "The American War." Samar Farah. Feb.28

      Art Now:Beyond the Healing. Madeleine Segall-Marx speaks on her triptych "The American War" and on the production of sentiment following September 11. February

      United Nations Development Fund Sponsors Women's History Month. Jenny Badner interview. March 13
    • Voice of America ( radio

      UN Exhibits Women's Art Works. Interview. Jenny Badner with Madeleine Segall-Marx. March 13
    • WHPC radio

      The National Association of Women Artists, interview. Dr. Stella Russell with Madeleine Segall-Marx. March 15
  • 2001
    • NJ Star Ledger

      Grounds for Sculpture, Madeleine Segall-Marx sculpture "Pavone."
    • A Woman's View, Fairfield Library exhibition.
    • Poughkeepsie Journal

      Working Artists Hurt by Cuts. Nicole Edwards. Nov. 4
    • Hyde Park Townsman

      On the Marx, review of sculpture by Madeleine Segall-Marx and Richard Marx. Nancy Alden. Aug.30
  • 2000
    • Connecticut Post

      The Whole SheBang, NAWA at Fairfield University
  • 1999
    • Downtown Express and Stuyvesant Spectator

      Installation of the Richard Rothenberg Memorial
  • 1996
    • Villager and New York Observer

      The Children's Ride, public sculpture in downtown NYC
    • One Fine Day movie

      The Children's Ride (cameo)
  • 1995
    • Villager, New York Observer and Brooklyn Woman

      Installation of The Children's Ride in Greenwich Village
    • NY 1 News TV

      Installation of The Children's Ride. NYC Dept. of Parks temporary public sculpture.
    • Eyewitness News (ABC-TV)

      The Children's Ride unveiling. June
  • 1992
    • The New York Times and The NJ Sunday Star Ledger

      Review of exhibition at Quietude Gallery of Contemporary Sculpture
  • 1984
    • WNYC-TV

      City Comments - Focus on Women: Madeleine Segall-Marx. Marguerite Saunders
  • 1981
    • The Delphian

      Adelphi University exhibition of the figurative sculpture of Madeleine Segall-Marx